the cornerstone of the addition to Water Street Church

Our Story

This is the story of Water Street Church and its journey in the city of Guelph. It was formally instituted in 1953 as the Christian Reformed Church of Guelph, during a postwar boom of immigration from the Netherlands. Services, originally held in the Dutch language, soon transitioned to the language of the country where the immigrants had chosen to put down roots. Much change took place: a growing congregation, changes to location, purchase of property to build a church, changes as pastors came and went, but God has continued to faithfully shepherd his flock.

Volume 1 Read the Story (you will need a pdf viewer). Archivists Bill and Marianne Terpstra put many hours into the project of recording the story of our church.

The story continues… Volume 2 takes you from 1961 to 2018. Much change, but God has been constant. As our new cornerstone says it all: “To God be the glory forever…” (Romans 11:36) Note: The pdf file will take a few minutes to open, since it is quite large.

A pictorial story: Volume 3 of the renovations is appropriately called Project Glory, that led to the building Water Street Church has become, beginning as far back as 2010. Note: The pdf file will take a few minutes to open, since it is quite large.

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