Leadership Team


Do you sometimes wonder why these men and women make time to “do the work” of the church here at Water Street Church? Ephesians 4:11-13

Our Church Staff Team

We welcome our transitional pastor, Pastor Kasey, who has taken on a leadership role here at Water Street Church as of September 1, 2022.

Eve Mazereeuw
Office Administrator

Trudy Mafe-van Halem

Anita Melancon

Harry van de Hoef:
Operations Coordinator

God has greatly blessed me and my family and now I am retired after a 42 year career in animal breeding with responsibility for production, technical service and special projects. It is my pleasure to share the things I learned and to help apply them in the day to day operations of our church. I am honored that I can serve our church in this capacity during daytime hours to assist those who are working and can only be available in the evening hours. I pray that in our daily efforts to run the church I will show others that I KNOW God, FOLLOW Jesus and SERVE our world.

Neil Klapwyk:
AV Director

Neil is our AV guru. He focuses on the production of and technical oversight of the audiovisual equipment and programs at Water Street Church. He also administers the church Sharepoint system to keep the “machinery” of the church ticking along so that the leadership teams stays informed and connected. You’ll often find him in the AV booth making sure all systems are “go.”

Our Church Council

Water Street Church is blessed with faithful and dedicated volunteers who take time to participate in the governance of our church.


Jean Wolting: Clerk of Council

Peter Kingma: Elder and Chair of Consistory (District 4)

Ed Kuipery

Ed Kuipery: Elder (District 6); Liaison to Board of Stewards


Webb Kamminga: Elder; Chair of Council; member of the Operational Executive (District 2 and 3)


Henny Hilverda: Elder (Districts 1 and 4)

Jason Stoter

Jason Stoter: Elder


Marguerite Ridder: Elder, Prayer Ministry Coordinator (Task Elder)


Steven Nightingale: Elder, active in music ministry (Task Elder)



Mary Blydorp: Deacon (Chair); Vice-all Council; member of the Operational Executive (District 2)


Sharon McLean: Deacon, Secretary (District 3); liaison to Safe Church. Sharon also connects with Shawna D, our Disability Concerns Advocate, and is active in our Friendship ministry.

Lyn Marfisi

Lyn Marfisi: Deacon (Vice-all) (District 4)


Paul Oussoren: Deacon, Treasurer (District 6)

photo Barb

Barb van de Hoef: Deacon (District 5)


Matthew Zevenbergen: Deacon (District 1)