Leadership Team

Do you sometimes wonder why these men and women make time to “do the work” of the church here at Water Street Church? Ephesians 4:11-13

Our Church Staff Team

We welcome our transitional pastor, Pastor Kasey, who has taken on a leadership role here at Water Street Church as of September 1, 2022. Pastor Kasey is an ordained pastor in the Christian Reformed Church of North America (CRCNA). Pastor Kasey’s stay has been extended for another year, for which we are grateful!!

pastor kasey vanderveen

Pastor Kasey: “I have undergone training to be a Specialized Transitional Minister in the CRCNA, which means that I go to churches who do not currently have a pastor and who want or need to navigate one or more transitional changes in their culture. Navigating such changes tends to take 12 – 24 months after which we move on to the next church. Liz and I waited until we became empty nesters before embarking on this new direction in ministry but are enjoying it so far.”

Pastor Josh Sweetman

Pastor Josh Sweetman

I joined Water Street Church as Pastor of Faith Formation in January of 2024. For the past decade I’ve served in various ministry roles in CRC churches in both the US and Canada. My ministry passions include intergenerational ministry and finding creative ways to help others encounter the Living God in their daily lives. I live with my wife Samantha and our three children and two cats here in Guelph. Our family enjoys spending time together exploring the town, especially bakeries. When we aren’t exploring we enjoy sports and reading. I’m also a big baseball fan and pledge my allegiance to the Chicago Cubs.
I’m always eager to hear your story and how God is working in your life. Please feel free to connect and we will find a good bakery to meet at!

Elaine Jennings
Office Administrator
Elaine came to our congregation a year ago and has been active in our ladies’ bible study and our prayer shawl ministry. Elaine has just taken on the position of office administrator as of July, 2024. She has a background as executive secretary and financial analyst for various companies and companies both in the U.S. and Canada. Welcome, Elaine!

Trudy Mafe-van Halem

Anita Melancon

Harry van de Hoef:
Operations Coordinator

God has greatly blessed me and my family and now I am retired after a 42 year career in animal breeding with responsibility for production, technical service and special projects. It is my pleasure to share the things I learned and to help apply them in the day to day operations of our church. I am honored that I can serve our church in this capacity during daytime hours to assist those who are working and can only be available in the evening hours. I pray that in our daily efforts to run the church I will show others that I KNOW God, FOLLOW Jesus and SERVE our world.

Neil Klapwyk:
AV Director

Neil is our AV guru. He focuses on the production of and technical oversight of the audiovisual equipment and programs at Water Street Church. He also administers the church Sharepoint system to keep the “machinery” of the church ticking along so that the leadership teams stays informed and connected. You’ll often find him in the AV booth making sure all systems are “go.”

Our Church Council

Water Street Church is blessed with faithful and dedicated volunteers who take time to participate in the governance of our church.


Jean Wolting: Clerk of Council

Peter Kingma: Elder and Chair of Elders (District 5)

Ed Kuipery

Ed Kuipery: Elder (District 6); Liaison to Board of Stewards

Xuidong He: Elder (District 3)

Christian faith is Xiudong’s new found treasure. It has and continues to change him in a real and profound way. He is forever grateful that he is now able to see what was hidden from him before. It always rejoices his heart to have an open and honest discussion about the scriptures, so we can be certain about what we believe and why we still believe it. One of his favourite verses is Psalm 119:105, ” your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (ESV). He wrote those words on the post behind the walls of Water Street Church and it is his prayer that those words will continue to shape Water Street Church and make it a place where truth is known, hope is found and life is being transformed. 

Phil Schmidt: Elder (District 2)

Philip has been a counsellor in our Cadets program and has more recently started contributing to our Midweek Devotionals and serving at our Saturday Night Suppers at Royal City Mission.

Tony Vyn: Elder, (District —)

Tony is a flawed but saved child of God. Tony has been a lifelong member of the Christian Reformed Church, and an admirer of the denomination’s joint ministries to a broken world. He and his wife Cathy first joined Water Street Church in 1974 and were blessed with 4 children who also benefited from the people and programs at the church. In 1998, Tony and Cathy moved to Indiana for employment reasons but rejoined Water Street Church in 2024 when they returned to Canada. Tony previously served as a deacon at Water Street and as elder in Lafayette, Indiana. He trusts that God will provide the wisdom needed in this term and he encourages everyone’s prayers for all staff and Council members at Water Street. “Christ Alone, Cornerstone…”.

Jason Stoter

Jason Stoter: Elder and Chair of Leadership Team (Council)

Jason has been part of the Water Street Church (WSC) community for 20+ years, he has been involved in many aspects of church life including: faith formation, deacon, board of stewards, personnel committee and several hiring committees. He recently accompanied the youth as a chaperone to the east side of Vancouver during March break.  Jason is passionate about seeing youth step into leadership roles and contributing to church ministry. Jason is married to Faye. Their 4 children are active in various parts of church, including youth, Gems, Cadets and Sunday School. His 2 oldest children attend Woodland Christian high school and the 2 youngest attend Guelph Community Christian School (GCCS). Faye is currently working as a midwife with Family Midwifery Care in Guelph, and Jason is President of Vivere Ltd., an outdoor living company that he founded in 2004. They also have a full farm life that includes: collecting eggs, growing crops, cleaning coops, and tending to their vegetable garden. In their spare time, the Stoters enjoy visiting with family and friends, camping, sports and travel. And like many Canadians, Jason patiently waits with Leaf nation to someday raise Lord Stanley

leadership team

Teresa Oussoren: Elder: Teresa joined Water Street Church in September 2008, where she “oh-so-conveniently” met Paul Oussoren at the pastor’s residence. They both participated in College and Careers as their friendship grew into a marriage. Paul and Teresa married in 2011 and are currently raising two active and beautiful children. Teresa has been involved in Sunday School, Youth Group, and Nursery. Together, they are very committed to knowing God more fully, following Jesus more closely, and serving the world wholeheartedly.


News from the Deacons March 2023

Willy Kooy: Deacon (District 4)

Bill Smedes: Deacon (District 5)

photo Barb

Barb van de Hoef: Deacon (District 6), Treasurer

leadership team

Arthur Van Ommen: Deacon (District –)

Karryne Vriesema: Deacon (District 2), Chair of Deacons


Matthew Zevenbergen: Deacon (District 1), Liaison Young Adults

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