ĢCM student meals

Guelph Campus Ministry

In the mid-70s Water Street Church (then known as First CRC Guelph) proposed the establishment of a ministry to students attending the local university, with financial support through Classis Huron (the regional organization for Christian Reformed Churches in the area). In 1977 the first full-time campus minister for the Guelph campus was hired. For more than 40 years Guelph Campus Ministry has offered students a place to belong, welcoming questions about faith, and encouraging students who struggle towards identity in Christ.

Caring for others in a tangible way

A homecooked meal and community with other students means so much to students throughout the semester.

Wednesday evening

For many years the Water Street Church community has participated in providing Wednesday community meals to students at Raithby House on the university campus, home of Guelph Campus Ministry.

Raithby House on the university campus is the home of Guelph Campus Ministry.

For more information about the Guelph Campus Ministry, visit their website or contact Sara DeMoor

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