Hearts and Hands

Saturday Night Suppers

In 1998, at 50 Quebec Street, a small and dedicated group from Chalmers United Church started a food pantry serving non-perishable food items. Soon they began to serve hot meals on Saturday nights. In 2006 the food pantry expanded to become Chalmers Community Services Centre, run by Royal City Mission.

Guelph churches and faith groups provide nourishing meals for the needy. Water Street Church volunteers regularly cook and provide homecooked meals on Saturday nights to as many as 150 visitors. Lisa, our coordinator, sees to it that plentiful warm and nutritious menu items are delivered to the Mission on our designated Saturdays. We are grateful for her faithful volunteering!

GEMS girls helping out

Last November, our GEMS girls packed bags of necessities (plus coffee and candy!) to be given at Chalmers and distributed to those in need. This fall, 316 lb of grocery items were dropped off at Chalmers Community Services. Passing on the blessings….. This year’s fundraiser: chocolate bars for Christmas!

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Our prayer shawl ministry reaches out to those in need of comfort and belonging, praying for those in our church community and for those in the community around us.

Christmas Parcels

This year the WSC ladies study group is participating in the Christmas Parcels Ministry to Seafarers. Seafarers who visit the port of Montreal during the Christmas season receive these small gifts by M2S. Lots of information on the M2S site if you want to know more about this ministry.

Stewarding God’s Creation

Clarence and Barb have volunteered to maintain and keep the gardens at Water Street Church beautiful. Here they put the gardens to bed this fall. Thank you to these faithful workers in His kingdom!

Today’s Daily Devotional

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