Advent 2023

Preparing for Bethlehem

Delight is the Bethlehem shepherds dancing a jig outside a cave.
Delight is Mary watching God sleep in a feed trough.
Delight is Joseph teaching the Creator of the world how to hold a hammer.
 ~  Max Lucado in The Applause of Heaven

So many ways to prepare for Advent!

Visit our library at Water Street Church! So many great Advent and Christmas books are available. The library is open on Sundays and whenever the church building is open. If you are new to our church community, please connect with us for more information.

From the Faith Formation Ministries CRCNA Network: Advent Ideas for Families:

Create the Jesse Tree: God’s Big Advent Story

From Ministry to
Free age-appropriate printable Christmas Worksheets for Kids  

Amid the Chaos and the Clutter: Finding joy amidst the chaos of everyday life:

Christ-focused Christmas activities for kids

Better Bible Teachers:

“Ridiculously Interesting Christmas Lessons Songs, Activities and Other Cool Stuff
Five really great Christmas stories that kids will actually listen to

From Focus on the Family: What other parents have done to help their families celebrate the true Christmas:

Be inspired to serve others this Christmas season

By Kim Sorgius: Favorite Ideas for a Christ-centered Christmas:

What Christmas is really all about!

From the CRCNA website: An intergenerational way to start off the Christmas season. Walk the illuminated Advent path and celebrate the Advent promises and Christ’s birth.

The 4 weeks of Advent: each week features a video commentary about a work of art inspired by Scripture. From Loyola Press. Catholic Resources for Advent.

Advent Art inspired by Scripture

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