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  • butterfly-resurrection-hope

    The Tradition of “Spy Wednesday”

    The miracle of how inner and outer realities are reconciled through the Resurrection. We have hope!

  • martines-robin


    God is creative, faithful, good, big and present. This week's God-glimpse shared by Martine.

  • reflections-post

    Leaving Home

    John Hofstee reflects on his transition to a new home in his senior years. A thoughtful description of his journey at a pivotal point in his life.

  • We Need You, Father God

    Prayer for the World We live in a topsy-turvy world, that likes to think that up is down and down is up. That our insults are compliments and compliments are […]

  • Alpha – a Different Lens

    Am I going to say this right?  How will I answer……? What if I don’t know how to answer their questions?    Sometimes we believe that we must have all […]

  • Pentecost – remembering the day “Christianity Spirituality” was born

    Pentecost was celebrated in most Christian churches last Sunday — remembering the day when “Christian Spirituality” was born. Spirituality is very popular these days. On one hand there is Pentecostal spirituality, […]

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