Bees and Us

Change the World a Little!

God’s creation is amazing and wonderful! Consider the bee. These tiny insects, all part of a large hive with one Queen; just like us tiny people, part of a church family with one God in a large world.

That’s why Water Street is partnering with our neighbours Shawn Caza and Melissa Berney from Village-on-the-Green when they requested a place for their beehives on the roof of our gymnasium to help them “change the world a little by way of sustainable beekeeping.”

We pray that the ministry initated by WSC will be a “beehive of activity” with lots of God’s workers who are buzzing to spread His Word.

Facts for 1 Bee:

  • life expectancy: max 50 days
  • trips to and from the hive: 750
  • total distance flown: 2,000 km
  • visits 600 flowers per day
  • collects only 5 gm of nectar/pollen/honey in its lifetime.
  • It takes 2,500 bees… to fly 2,500,000 km… and visit 30 million flowers to produce 1 kg. of honey!!


The beehives on the roof of the gym at Water Street Church.

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