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    Listening to the Holy Spirit

    Listening to the Holy Spirit wherever I am

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    God Is

    We know He is coming to set a wrong a-right. But there is no stomping on plants or crashing through shrubbery in a vengeful fit.

  • rear view mirror

    Driver’s Ed

    What's your focal point at the end of the journey? Steer there!

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    Summer Solstice …

    “When I tried to understand all this it troubled me deeply till I entered the sanctuary of God.” (Psalm 73:16-17).

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    Out To Pasture …

    Our Lord calls us from the distractions of this life to Him. Withdraw to a place. Be encouraged. The power to choose...

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    Curry, Spring Rolls and Khmer Salad!!

    Authentic Khmer dishes and a spirit of community were part of the Cambodian cooking adventure.

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