• mushroom - image

    God Is

    We know He is coming to set a wrong a-right. But there is no stomping on plants or crashing through shrubbery in a vengeful fit.

  • artwork_Tim_Mossholder

    It’s Personal

    I take it personally ... in faith and in practice. Walk my Creator's path with me!

  • John_and_friends

    Riverside Glen is home now…

    John chose to live life to the maximum after he moved to Riverside Glen, and became a contributor to his community.

  • photo andrew-ebrahim-unsplash

    God has a plan for us

    A great reflection on the strength and comfort God gives freely to all believers.

  • drawing-April Gibson

    The Miracle of Peter: God and Patience

    As we wait and trust.....

  • Lead us, Lord! it’s a new year…

    ETERNAL GOD, great is your majesty! As we worship you, evidence of your glory surrounds us. When we consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the […]

Today’s Daily Devotional

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