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    Remember, God is right there with you, to bear life’s disappointments.!

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    Feeling God

    Spiritual postcards of God moments are to be cherished and grasped.

  • Boundary_stone photo by Zello

    Do not move an ancient boundary stone

    There are times when specific Bible passages have more relevance to one’s life than – well just about any other time. Consider Proverbs 22:28: “Do not move an ancient boundary […]

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    The Tradition of “Spy Wednesday”

    The miracle of how inner and outer realities are reconciled through the Resurrection. We have hope!

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    Jesus the Nutritionist

    Jesus emphatically orders and encourages us to eat well, and eat properly, if we are to live.

  • reflection-not-yet

    Living in the Time of “Not Yet”

    Have you considered what it means to live in a “Not Yet” time?

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