Christmas Treasure

This Christmas season I reflect on the gift-giving process and came to think about what gifts people will remember. Actually, the word treasure is what made me think—and article that we treasure. Treasure is like the verbs ‘cherish’ or ‘endear’. It is also like the nouns ‘riches’ or ‘jewel’ or ‘pearl’. So as I count, the treasure is far more valuable than the riches we amass, for treasure not only has a material value, but more importantly, spiritual value. Yes, those individuals who grace our lives, both here in the earthly sphere and the heavenly realm, are treasure! You will never go to the bank on December 25th to bring out the dollar you made twenty two years ago, but you will be placing an ornament on the Christmas tree from your baby’s first Christmas, as a still calm is felt, an eye glistens, and a flame kindles in your heart.
Your treasure is at hand, and in your mind’s eye as well. Your treasure, God willing, is close at hand and not far off, as long as you know what your longing is and to whom it belongs.

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