Come along to the DRS Disaster Response Site, Aurora North Carolina — Week 2

It is Monday morning.  After a weekend of leisure, sight-seeing and church going, the teams are ready to continue the work that was started. During the weekend we had to say good-bye to one of our volunteer couples because the husband – Larry – was diagnosed with a heart condition after he felt weak at the jobsite. We took him to the hospital where the doctors decided that he needed surgery. However, they are trying to prep him to be able to fly home to Seattle for that surgery. 

As we drive to the various sites on this beautiful Monday morning, we are amazed at the number of homes that have been abandoned. We talked with a few local people about it and they tell us that because there is very little industry in this area, young folks leave and those left behind, mostly older folks, are dying. Then, when the town’s population gets smaller and smaller, businesses leave, schools close and churches lose their congregation. 

It is in that setting of poverty that people are often behind in maintaining their property, including their (mobile) homes. The wind and rain of a hurricane (or any storm) can easily do great damage and…. that’s why we are here to help those people stay in their homes as safely and securely as possible.

And so this second week we went back to Mary and Isaiah’s home. In various places where the floor was collapsing, we installed new floors. The holes in the ceiling were repaired and the whole ceiling painted. The old kitchen came out and a new (used) kitchen is being installed and will work 100% better.

At Howard’s home the ceilings were patched, flooring repaired and walls secured with new wood replacing the termite eaten studs and joists. After painting everything it looks a whole lot better and will definitely be a whole lot safer.

At Janet’s home at the lake we are almost done the work. She is thrilled. Our volunteers have the joy of looking out on the lake while working inside. That lake is actually the mouth of the river Neuse where it is on its course to the ocean, and while working there a number of dolphins were spotted.

At the home of JoAnn, a new roof is in place which gives her the security of living in a dry home. The ceilings and floors are in the process of being replaced and the place already looks so much better.

John and I have been looking at homes that are next on the list. Looking at what skills will be needed there and who from our team needs to go there. And so the work continues – volunteers are doing their job and home owners are thrilled to see their homes come back to life and safe again.

God is good as we see evidence of so many blessings all around. Even a church sign along the road gives us a blessing where it reads: “Can’t Swim? Our lifeguard walks on water!” Yes, He surely can.

Please continue to pray for our team, our clients and particularly also for Larry as he will undergo heart surgery.

Next week our story continues – will you come along?

John and Marguerite

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