Come along to the DRS Disaster Response Site, Aurora North Carolina – Week 3

It is Monday morning again and wow, what a morning it was. We woke up to a beautiful sunrise with a smashing array of reds, oranges and purples. This is the first day of the last week with this team. There is still much enthusiasm in the work that needs to be done but… week three also comes with a reality check. When our volunteers start their three weeks on a site, they look at the work that needs to be done and are often overly optimistic in what can be accomplished. To see that not everything that was planned gets finished is sometimes hard for the volunteers. But then comes the “letting go” realizing that the work that wasn’t finished will be completed by the next team(s).

We have finished the homes of Howard as well as JoAnne and Janet. They were thrilled to have their home to themselves again and not to have to get up early to have 4 or 5 DRSers come to the door and take over the house. We are still working in Isaiah and Mary’s house. Since one house would not give enough work for all the volunteers, John and I looked at what’s next on the list. Two mobile homes are next: The first one is Michael’s home. He is someone who loves “to collect” which is evidenced in his yard being strewn with car bodies and parts of all kinds of machinery in varying states of rusting.  The “American Pickers” TV show would have a heyday there.

The second one is the home of Lawrence and Laurie, two delightful people in their sixties with all kinds of health problems. They lost their own mobile home in the hurricane and some friends donated a used one. It was in very good shape but there was one problem – it had to be moved from one part of town to the other. So, it was split into two parts and each part was moved on a special trailer to the new location. There, the two parts were assembled again, and it is our job to finalize the “connections” between the two parts, also to build decks on the front and the back and get the water and sewer line connected again. Fun job – we have never done this before but with instructions from the internet we get it done.

The team is doing well although they are looking forward to Saturday to go home again. All kinds of responsibilities and meetings are waiting for them back home, and as much as they wanted to be away for a while, they all seem to be eager to get back into their daily routine.

John and I will then receive the “new” team of volunteers who will be ready and eager to get started. And so, the work continues from willing hearts and willing hands to the next group of willing hearts and willing hands. God is good and blessing us with many wonderful memories of this North Carolina site.

Please continue to pray for our team and for the homeowners. We heard from Larry and Kathy that Larry will have open heart surgery this Friday, February 14. Please keep them in your prayers.

Next week our story continues – will you come along?  — John and Marguerite Ridder

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