Lucy, Mark's Boston terrier

Dig Deeper

Hello Master,

I wanted to write this short note to you (but since dogs don’t write, it has been dictated).

You know I watch over you (although, technically, you watch over me) and I have observed you are concerned about your money. I am here to offer what I can to help.

One of the reasons that man and dog have worked together well over the years is that we have similar interests and traits.

The one I need to discuss is bone burial.  I believe you call it a pension plan. Our canine world has taught us to wisely put away for a future meal and I guess you do too.

I think the only difference is that when you see us dig, we’re not just digging for our meal, we’re digging even deeper to our supplier, our Creator….

And that is my comfort and advice to you. Remember the love of the One who sent the meal (or your…money?) and you will be full in more ways than one. Blessings! He is my God too!

Your ever loving and faithful,


PS. Some bones you live on, some you reflect on.

Due to Mark’s time commitments to the Tabernacle project, his dog offered this reflection.

Mark: I do have a dog . Lucy and she is a Boston Terrier. Boston terriers have been in our family since the 1920’s. Lucy got her name from Lucy the psychiatrist on Peanuts, because lets face it, and I quote , “A puppy is the world’s best psychiatrist.”

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