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Hey, kids (of all ages)!

Today the lesson is dealing with a tricky emotion ~ disappointment.



Well thanks for listening… have a great week!

Wait a minute! Something is missing here! I didn’t give the message. What did you feel right there?
Perhaps confusion, shock, sadness, and maybe a little anger. Well, I apologize as I didn’t want to give you any of these emotions ~ especially anger. This was only a test.
This was an example of when we are expecting something, and it doesn’t happen.
We generally call this feeling disappointment. It changes shape faster that a transformer or a Marvel character … you choose one …
It can change from anger, then sadness. Mostly it is confusion and can keep repeating this way. A VERY tricky emotion that binds with other emotions!
This message stems from something that happened this week. I was helping a friend with a disappointment they were going through. I could help them because I had gone through the same disappointment years ago. This disappointment tested, and increased, my faith. In the end, with God’s help, I overcame it. I assured the person, God will help. This helped my friend.
Looking back at these disappointments, I realized that God is so smart, he can take the low events of my life, and the lives of others, and use them for the good of others, in developing traits that make us Christians.
The great people of the Bible called one of these traits perseverance. You don’t hear that word much anymore, but it is extremely powerful. As kryptonite is to Superman, so is perseverance is to disappointment.
Remember, God is right there with you, to bear life’s disappointments.
Let’s pray:

Like the good food you provide,
You also preserve us through our disappointments.
We thank you for your caring and love through all things.
Thank you for listening and may God’s love preserve your soul!

- Mark Gibson
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