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Driver’s Ed

Recently I developed a new technique for backing into the driveway at home, which is a quiet residential street. 

I first pull the car to the right in the road.  Next, I carefully check both side mirrors for pedestrians or obstacles in the way.  Then, using only the driver’s side mirror, I align the back of the car to the edge of the small storage shed off in the distance at the end of the driveway. I slowly accelerate into the driveway continuing to use the mirror.  Voila! So easy!

Now for the purist drivers out there: I realize this is bad form. I was taught in driver’s ed class in high school to physically turn my head and see with my full vision what I am driving into and proceed like this, with one hand on the wheel.

So, forgive me. This new practice has been safe so far, but also led to a driver’s ed lesson on life….

Have you ever felt like you were going backwards in life? Maybe you couldn’t go where you wanted? Or you wished there was at least a guide to help you navigate? 

Much like the story of controlling the vehicle, you are in control of your life, with a hand on the wheel. God meant it that way by giving you some responsibility and reasoning skill.

The best part is, to get to where you want to go you don’t need to see everything!

What you do need to see though, is a reference point (in this case for me, it was a storage shed) and ALIGN yourself to it.

Also, you need to TRUST that the objects outside of the mirror (or reference point) will be OKAY.

You need to trust the unseen on the other side. It is amazing how taking care of the small things you can see make the big things fall into place.

Now in this story, imagine the driver is you, still in control of your life, and your hands are still on the wheel.

Your first focal point? Jesus Christ, the Son of God at the end of the journey. Steer towards Him.

The second focal point? There is and isn’t one. It is tempting to twist your neck around, or peak at the other mirrors (or in some cases back up cameras) but do not do it. The rear view is the past which can create guilt. The other windows and mirrors can represent the many confusing and distracting issues of the day. This is where you have to trust in the Father to look after that which you cannot see.

Always remember driving is about perspective and control, and so is life. Thank you for taking time for driver’s ed.

Safe journey!

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