Know God


  • cadets-2022-activities

    Cadets Boys Club

    Sharing Christ’s love with boys at Water Street church and in the Guelph community

  • friendship_ministry

    Friendship Ministries

    Sharing God's love with everyone, no matter who they are. Where all belong...

  • gems-christmas-crafts

    Gems Girls Club

    An exciting, safe place for girls to learn about God, mentored by counselors who walk alongside them.

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Youth Ministry

    Youth Ministry

    A place for youth to figure out how Jesus is working in their lives. Annual AOYC event!

  • coffee_cup_studying

    Women’s Bible Study

    Dig deeper into God's Word over coffee and conversation!

  • men's coffee social

    Men’s Coffee Social

    Behind our church – a restful place to reflect and regroup, where people young and old, can meet, where ideas are born, where faith is shared, where tenants can enjoy […]

  • small groups

    Small Groups

    Building love and acceptance in small groups at Water Street Church

  • building-church

    Older Adults

    Our older adults have been instrumental in participating in the life and the leadership of our church.

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