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Job Well Done! Hanlon Cleanup

Hanlon Cleanup Crews

Keeping Guelph a beautiful place to call home.

On Saturday May 7, 2022, our Water Street Church crew put on their vests, and armed with garbage bags and high spirits, headed out to maintain our “Adopted” stretch of the Hanlon Expressway (from Wellington St. going north on the Hanlon up to Woodlawn Rd.). After 2 ½ years of Covid lockdown, with no garbage pickup possible, we were pumped! When all was said and done, 60 bags of garbage had been filled, along with lots of other stuff too big for the bags, and presented to the Ministry of Transportation. We are thankful for all the talented volunteers who come out faithfully every year; it was great to welcome some new younger faces this time around.

On your next trip down the Hanlon, enjoy the “new and improved view!” Thanks to the great gang of volunteers: Xiudong, Wanhong, Bert, Webb, Hans,Chris, Margaret, Joanne, Jake, Steven, Bill, Clarence, Jean, Darlene, David, Marijke, Val, Nathan, Connor, Anthony, Janey and Rob, and others!
~ Coordinators Rob and Michael Davis

Hospitality at Water Street Church

Our hospitality group is on hand when there are events at Water Street Church that involve meal preparation for events both sad and celebratory. At a recent funeral of one of our young congregants, even the children helped prepare 150 lunch bags for those whose had attended the service. Thank you, Ronan, Marek and Talia!

When I was hungry….

~ from The Message Matthew 25:35-40
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