We were encouraged to be on the lookout for God-glimpses last week Sunday. Well, I had my moment this week. We have a little apple tree with gypsy moth caterpillars eating away at the leaves. While working at the tedious job of looking for and picking off the critters, I found a robin sitting on its nest behind a branch. It was close up … we just looked at each other for a while without moving. It was a beautiful moment of wonder. ~ Martine

The Practice of Wonder: The Faith Practices Project of the CRCNA invites us to look for a God-glimpse in our daily lives. Look for new resources for the faith of practice of wonder from the Faith Practices Project here.

Consider God's Creation Enjoy this post by World Video Bible School. Eric Lyons helps us to stop and consider God's creation, starting with Scripture. 

~ Martine Griffioen

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