Is Water Street Church the place for you?

Perhaps you are asking yourself if Water Street Church could be your faith home…

Can I make friends at this church?
Our church isn’t big in numbers, so you won’t be lost in a large crowd. There is always someone looking out for folks who have come to see what Water Street Church is about… we want to you feel as though you belong!

Will I fit in?
In our groups you can find friendship and support, with serious conversations about living our lives as followers of Jesus. You can just come and play volleyball or floor hockey and work up a sweat! Or maybe you’re alone, or widowed, or divorced, or starting life’s journey in a whole new set of circumstances…. everyone has needs and dreams. We accept you as you are.

Do you have a group that meets my needs?
Take a few minutes to connect with us, and we’ll help you find a group that will welcome you and make you feel at home. Maybe you’re looking for someone to share their faith journey with you. Or you may just be looking for time with other seniors or an energetic bunch of young musicians! Yup, it’s a new setting and for the first little while you may feel some social discomfort, but hey, it will be worth it.

What kind of activities are there?
You are most welcome to join in an activity that appeals to you. There are activities that go on throughout the year, and other opportunities for you to join in as we partner with other projects in the city.

Will I be able to make a contribution?
It always takes a little time to get to know one another. Bring your creative energy with you! So come and share in our involvement as Christ’s hands and feet — locally and globally.

Will I have accessibility issues?
We’ve just renovated our building with everyone’s needs in mind. We are committed to giving people with disabilities the same opportunity to access its programs and ministries and allowing them to benefit from the same services, in the same place and in a similar way to people without disabilities. More information here

Does your church have a safe church policy?
We certainly do. It is important for everyone to know that Water Street Church is a safe place to worship and to participate in the activities it offers. Policy available here.

I'm not really religious. You might actually consider me secular. How does faith fit into my life?

We believe that God’s truth is in every cultural worldview or belief system, no matter how foreign, pagan or non-Christian it is. In every culture, every storyline, every group, there’s some goodness, truth, beauty and wisdom. We look for common ground in people and things that are considered secular in nature. It’s the only way to know our neighbours and build genuine relationships with one another.

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