Joy in the Morning

By April of 2021, a year after the onset of Covid-19, the world had realigned: long months of uncertainty and restrictions, loneliness, and loss. …. And you, dear reader? Did you just cope…. or were you able to see this as a time to thrive throughout the long months? Where were you on the spectrum, barely handling the tedious isolation, or savoring the relaxed pace of life? A number of the Water Street church boomers (1946-1964) responded to Rob and Janey’s thoughtful questions. So, here they are, compiled by Rob and Janey, along with music to journey by. Yes, it’s a long read, but some of the thoughts may be close to your heart …

It’s not over. Stay strong and be faithful…

What gives you joy in the morning? There was gratitude….

  • That I am alive and that I am a child of God.
  • The promise of a fresh start that each new day brings.
  • A good night’s rest, birds chirping, a blue sky on a sunny day.
  • Feeling physically fit and able to jump out of bed; though, admittedly, sometimes a few stretches are required for full mobility.
  • Time to sit quietly, with a coffee, and enjoy nature unfolding before us (in the spring) or enjoy a snow-covered landscape (in the winter).
  • Time to read the paper/do morning devotions – just “to be” for a while before starting the day.
  • A warm shower, a leisurely breakfast with my partner and knowing I will have things I can do.
  • A whole day ahead of me, and only part of it planned.
  • Good health (emotionally, physically, spiritually).
  • An early morning walk, with the only sounds being the birds and the breeze.

In quick strokes:

It does appear, from the majority of the comments, that most of us are retired from active full-time employment. Everyone seems to enjoy the extra time in the morning that retirement can give.

For your listening pleasure…

This is the Day (Lyric) Tim Timmons, #TimTimmons #ThisIsTheDay

 Feelin’ Good Nina Simone, Feeling Good -Nina Simone (Lyrics) – YouTube

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