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Special days – Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversaries, – how did you celebrate?


  • Lots of patio and backyard celebrations (physically distanced, outside gatherings) took place for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. Of course, that was only when weather permitted.
  • “We tried to stick with the rules ☹ whether we liked them or not.”
  • “When our large extended family Christmas celebration had to be cancelled, one niece in Calgary asked each of us to send her a short personal video, all of which she put together into one long video. On Christmas Day, she sent all of us the completed copy. It was so good, funny and nice…something to keep. Also, it included everyone, even the family members who can never come to Ontario to celebrate with us. It was such a good idea that when a grandson had his birthday during the Stay-at-Home restrictions, my daughter-in-law did a similar thing with his family and friends so he could have something to celebrate with.”
  • A couple of respondents held their family Christmas gathering in the garage. Not sure how that turned out. Cold, I’m thinking.
  • Christmas and Easter for most was celebrated with only the immediate family (those living in the household, which for a lot of us is two) or separately for a short visit with each adult child’s family.
  • “Christmas for us was the two of us in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and good music playing in the background. New Year’s was the same.”
  • “Low key” was a phrase used a few times.
  • Thankfully, it was permitted/recommended that households of one person pair up with another household (join their bubble); so those living alone could have family gatherings.
  • Some celebrated over Zoom, Skype, Facetime.
  • “You do what you can under the circumstances.”
  • Gifts were dropped off at the driveways by appointment.
  • Someone involved in worship planning for special services for church, found that that extra studying and planning helped make the religious celebrations even more meaningful.
  • Another member mentioned that the Lenten worship material was helpful for her.
  • Respondents appreciated the Christmas and Easter services on-line. It made them feel one with the congregation…not alone.
  • One couple was on an anniversary celebratory trip to Hawaii with family and had to come home early due to the pandemic. The return trip was an experience in itself.
  • Some celebrated anniversaries by ordering take-out. Apparently, the drive to make the pickup together was part of the celebration – an outing.
  • “I’ll just include the most memorable: Christmas was great – we collectively hosted a progressive outdoor feast from the households of our family members; then, everyone got together at our house and “planted” 200 sidewalk candles.”

In quick strokes:

  • Obviously, none of us were permitted to hold the usual large extended family gatherings we are used to.
  • People used their imaginations and came up with new and interesting ways to celebrate special days as best they could.

For your listening pleasure:

God on the Mountain Bill and Gloria Gaither, Lynda Randle

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