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Do you try to stay informed on national, provincial and community news? If yes, through which means? TV, National newspapers, community newspapers, internet, various social media platforms?

  • Responses re TV = 18, to National Newspapers = 14, to Community Papers = 17, to Internet = 14, to Various Other Media = 6. National Newspapers were sometimes read on-line.
  • KW Record was mentioned as was CBC, CTV and CBC and Zoomer radio.
  • There were comments that at times it was necessary to limit viewing time because of the relentless media coverage of COVID and all things Trump.

In quick strokes:

  • [A personal comment by Janey … it is a shame we no longer have a daily newspaper in Guelph. It’s either the KW Record, The Globe and Mail or The Toronto Star. All fine papers, but no news about Guelph.]

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