Joy in the Morning

How were you able to stay emotionally engaged?

  • Many respondents made note of the fact that more free time/less hectic schedules allowed for more in-depth conversations with partners. More “together” time allowed each to be more attuned to how the other was feeling and then be more supportive when one or the other felt “down”.
  • Many respondents also reported making more and longer telephone calls to stay connected with family and friends. Though there was still plenty of texting done, texting didn’t cut it for most. They needed more.
  • Physically distanced conversations with neighbours and people met while walking. Almost everyone seems receptive to engaging in conversation. Misery loves company?
  • E-mails, WhatsApp, Google Meets, Skype, Facetime calls with grandkids, family, friends.
  • Zoom meetings to handle business for employment and church.
  • We are holding monthly Skype visits with all the siblings and spouses. Though we originally started them to keep connected with one sister and husband whose lives are severely restricted because of debilitating health, it also means another sister and husband in Calgary are included. The end result is that we all now visit more often than before COVID.
  • In the summer, many held patio/garage/driveway visits with their family or one other couple. Some admitted to having a very few unsanctioned visits. Because of the changing directions given by the government, it was/is, admittedly, sometimes awkward knowing what was/is and what wasn’t/isn’t permitted.
  • A surprising number of respondents are designated Essential Caregivers (for a parent, sibling or even a neighbour). In giving emotional support to those they cared for, they found themselves more emotionally grounded.

In quick strokes:

  • Think of the old Bell commercial, “Reach out and touch someone.” Everyone loved those heart-warming TV commercials. There’s a reason why… humans have a deep need to feel connected. We are not meant to be alone.
  • It is important to note that not all of us have partners. Some who do, may not be in harmonious relationships. For both those situations, it is our personal position that, to remain emotionally healthy, safe connections with others need to be made regardless of governmental restrictions

For your listening pleasure:

Count on Me Bruno Mars

Lean on Me Bill Withers

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