Joy in the Morning

How were you able to stay intellectually stimulated?

  • I finally read the Deacon’s Handbook.
  • I started on my ‘to read’ pile.
  • Many people read more than usual (for education, devotions and pleasure). Book clubs.
  • Board games/Strategy games: Five Crowns, Rummikub, Sequence, Scrabble, cards, etc.
  • Puzzles, Sudoku, Word Search, Crossword Puzzles, Watching Jeopardy, Paint-by-Number, Diamond Painting (?), crafts.
  • Someone took on a challenging volunteer position before the pandemic, that required more learning and much improvisation.
  • Some people are still employed full or part-time. Some are volunteers (in the community or at church). Council/Deacon meetings. Someone is treasurer for two organizations.
  • All reported staying current with current events through various news outlets.
  • People reported having more time to watch documentaries, increased online reading.
  • Webinars and online courses, Zoom courses.
  • At least one person organized photos into scrapbooks.

In quick strokes:

A wide range of activities for a group of people with diverse interests. Generally speaking, it appears that pretty much everyone read a lot during the winter and looked for other activities to break up their times of reading.

For your listening pleasure:

Redemption Song Bob Marley

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