Joy in the Morning

Were you able to maintain a sense of purpose in your daily/weekly life? If yes, how?

  • A number of people are still employed on a full-time or part-time basis and found the normalcy of work (though not “routine” by any means) helped with a sense of purpose.
  • “Church leadership activities have been a responsibility, but also a source of joy and purpose.”
  • Quite a few respondents are designated Essential Caregivers, of parents, siblings, a neighbour, and mentioned that their roles give them a sense of purpose.
  • Acting in supportive roles for family members, both immediate and extended, and friends.
  • “There were a few days when I felt out of sorts, and decided that as everything else is out of sorts, I could be too. I accepted that not every day would be a good one, and just filled my time in rather meaningless ways. Invariably the next day was better.” **
  • A number of us do volunteer work, Mission Store, Food Bank, Prayer Shawl Ministry are some examples. We enjoy working hard and our efforts are appreciated.
  • Some are still involved in child/youth care assistance for grandchildren.
  • Some have made a practice of connecting regularly with people from church to “walk alongside them.”
  • “I did think more about how to do something to help someone out when I saw a need, without brushing it off by saying “I’m too busy.” Instead, I did what I could.”
  • “Our roles have not changed: spouse, parent, grandparent, soon a great grandparent, a friend and a volunteer. They are the same, but are fulfilled in a different way.”
  • “Yes, with difficulty at first. As you said in your introduction, first it was like a holiday, etc., then some sadness and depression and then okay, put your shoulders under it and figure it out.” How? By volunteering where possible until this last total lockdown. Helping, visiting a friend living alone, talking with neighbours, helping our kids where possible. Allowing more time for hobbies, without feeling guilty about it. Spreading the work out around the house.”
  • “Some days are harder than others, but I usually try to think of what I can do the next day. Amazing how even a trip to the grocery store becomes a “highlight.”
  • Keeping busy at home. Working on renovation projects.

In quick strokes:

  • A great number of people are involved in various roles in the church or other volunteer agencies, and remarked that they appreciated the sense of purpose those roles gave them.
  • “When you help someone else, you help yourself.”
  • ** This was a response from someone you all know of as being involved in many ways in our church community. Just a reminder that every day isn’t the same, there are ups and downs. Sometimes, you need to step back or slow down for a bit.

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