Joy in the Morning

How did you keep yourself entertained while socially isolated throughout the past year?

  • “Probably too much TV.” A direct quote from many respondents.
  • Netflix. Amazon Prime and Apple TV.
  • “We finally had the time to watch a few TV series that had been recommended to us but that we never had time to watch.”
  • “Happy hour, every evening” for the first couple of months, until sanity returned.
  • Various games, (magazines, novels, etc.), puzzles, working in the house and church, gardening, helping with grandkids as needed.
  • In the summer – sailing, canoeing, biking, pickleball, birding, hiking new trails.
  • In the winter – computer games, cross country skiing, hiking.
  • At any time – taking time for hobbies and having the freedom to spread the work out.
  • “We walk daily (sometimes twice) for exercise, fresh air, social interaction and also a change of scenery. We enjoy talking with others also out walking…physically distanced of course.”
  • Going for drives, sometimes hitting a drive thru for a treat.
  • Special meals out at a restaurant patio when permitted.
  • “Entertaining guests in garages and on patios when it was way too cold for that.”
  • “Downsizing belongings.”
  • Prepared a “Just in Case” information binder for my family.

In quick strokes:

A lot of television, particularly in the winter, broken up by a plethora of activities as unique as each of us is.

For your listening pleasure:

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere Jimmy Buffet, Alan Jackson

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