Lessons from the Tabernacle

The Tabernacle project ran again this year. Many thanks to Mr. He, Ril, Jacob, Lucas, and Ian, who helped with the presentations. May I say, it was so good seeing everyone face to face again after COVID. Praise God!

If you are unfamiliar with the project, it consists of gradually building a diorama of The Tabernacle (place of worship, literally tent-meeting place). It was a portable structure used as a place of worship as the children of Israel went through the desert for forty years. Its design was given by God to Moses and its construction and use had very strict guidelines.

When I reflect on the course this year, it is hard for me to decide which parts to discuss. As the kids came by every week, they learned how the various components and furniture symbolized the coming of the Messiah.

Some parts were quite direct, like the sacrifice of the lamb on the brazen altar. Another direct example would be the Table of the Showbread (Jesus, the Bread of Life). Another would be the lampstand (Jesus, the Light of the World).

Many children were questioned on what they found of interest and many replies related to the design of the structure, the material of the structure, and the layout of the structure. Also, the symbolic meaning of the parts relating to the future Messiah,

Two items that are of interest and are still very relevant to today are the boards that made the walls of the tabernacle and the portability of The Tabernacle. These items can be applicable to any Christian, but surprisingly may be more important to older Christians.

The Tabernacle was a PORTABLE unit. This means that when God tells you it is time to break camp, or get up and go, or start new again, you must go. Now that can be a little hard when you have settled for some time. But take heart, these places will always be beautiful memories. When God leads us, it is His Presence that makes the place beautiful , not the place itself. Did you ever notice that He never left the Israelites? Hey, He even gave them a nightlight! Let’s face it, in our frailty, we have a hard time of going to an unfamiliar place (but we never leave His familiar face).

Secondly, the Tabernacle was a STRONG structure.

Surprisingly, we look at this structure as a tent. As we study it closer though, it consisted of tall boards that hooked together to form walls on the inside. They were all hooked together to form two strong wooden rooms that were The Holy Place, and the Holy of Holies.

These boards were a representation of the Christian Church to come. Together, each one of us is one of these boards, standing shoulder to shoulder. We give strength to each other, as we surround and center on Christ. These walls of strength not only give us support, hope, and encouragement to its members, but like The Tabernacle, allow access to ALL through the veiled fabric door. You as church members assemble weekly and form this Tabernacle by standing, praying, and praising side by side.

You assemble and disassemble, then reassemble again, with the great love of God.

What an excellent model to see in real life, to a world which at times, seems to disassemble and fall apart at the seams, not knowing what to do….

This part of The Tabernacle structure means the most to me. It is a supporting member whose strength lies in being still, being connected to others, showing up even when being taken apart on a regular basis.

May you think about the lessons from The Tabernacle in the journey through your wilderness. And kids, if you still have your tabernacles in your homes, take a peek at it now and then, because the learning never stops.

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