My Lord and My God

What are we here to prove tonight?…..
We are to prove the existence of something. But there is a problem. The way that some things exist are different that the way other things exist. The dictionary definition of exist is as follows

1. To have material or spiritual being or actuality
2. To have life or live, to continue to be
3. To live at substandard socioeconomic condition
4. To occur under certain circumstances

If we concentrate on the first definition, to have material OR spiritual being or actuality, we can more easily understand God’s existence……Ironically, this question was asked before in a rather unusual way. For those of you who are unaware, Thomas was a disciple of Christ. We get the English idiom “doubting Thomas” from this disciple. Ironically, Thomas should be called “believing Thomas” because he came to believe in God in most abrupt “coming to his senses”.

Where was Thomas?

History teaches us that Thomas, by geography, happened not to be there when Jesus appeared to his fellow disciples, days after Jesus had died. He would not believe their testimony. He would only believe in the existence of Jesus if he would see and touch him. And guess what happens? Jesus does show up, and approaches Thomas with his doubt.
At first Thomas SEES Jesus, and then he LISTENS to Jesus as he talks. Thomas moves to TOUCH him at his wounds. It is here that Thomas realizes the fragrance of Christ and tastes the sweetness of His love… through the cross he has beared….
He jumps back and concludes…… “My Lord and My God!!!”

Imagine it if you may……

So, what does this teach us?
Yes, they have been asking for physical proof of God’s existence and God gives us Thomas…
Now Thomas may be like some of you; he was a senior student, had been through years of study, years of sacrifice, and was at the end of his formal studies with his teacher.
Imagine it if you may…… It comes to a point when his fellow grads are telling him that his teacher is back from the dead; and he doubts. All that time, all that learning, all that trust, and…. HE DOUBTS not only his friends but his teacher as well. That is, until the teacher convinces him to use all his senses to prove he exists……

Things that are real but cannot be sensed……

No longer is he doubting Thomas, but believing Thomas!!!! MY!! MY!!!
But that bring us to an important point…… If something is proven to exist, is it because it can be captured by the senses? Obviously, this was most needed by Thomas, but what about ourselves? There are many things that are real but cannot be sensed. For those of you in your first years of school, homesickness, for those in your last year, excitement at entering the job market. But whatever what it is, it cannot be perceived by or senses by another. There is much on the inner wall of our own existence.
But what of the outer wall of our existence? You know…… there are things so small in this world, beyond the senses, beyond the naked eye, that they need the size of the electron microscope. Ah!!!!!

The electron microscope! Almost a god in science as it has unlocked so many secrets. In all confession, I have never seen an electron microscope, but know that it resides in the _ Building, on the floor, in this very campus. Much courtesy to _____ for this information. Now if I were to ask you if the electron microscope exists, you would say yes. If I were to ask you if there was one on this campus, you may answer yes, IF you trust me. And if you don’t, ask your professors, support staff, graduates……you can ask the maintenance man, and they would answer the same thing……which brings us to the question… DO YOU BELIEVE YOUR TEACHERS? You should…if they are well-researched you rightly should. And do you not every day open the door to their thoughts and opinions and accept them? Or will you have to go down to the Building to the __ floor and see your electron microscope, and use your hand to feel for its existence?

It’s up to you……

The TRUST in your teachers, the BELIEF in the story, the FAITHFULNESS of the testimony may not exist as well. But don’t be shocked if……
You find that electron microscope……
In conclusion, as we have gathered here to learn of God, and His existence, let us not be surprised to discover when we decide that this debate does not contest the existence of God in our lives, but the existence of doubt in our hearts……

Epilogue, March 7, 2021
I have been working in a facility now for eight years that has an electron microscope. In my journeys servicing the vast and various equipment around the campus, I FOUND the electron microscope the first year I was there. To my reader(s) I will not reveal its location, you will by faith have to believe me. Besides, it is up to you to find your OWN microscope! God bless you in your journey.

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