Riverside Glen is home now…

When I made the decision to move to a seniors’ retirement home, I opted for Riverside Glen. A room became available in spring 2021 and I decided to move. A hectic time followed because I would move from a three bedroom apartment to a single bed-sitting room. Most furniture, knick-knacks, and much personal stuff would not go with me. My daughter-in-law and son looked after the disposal of all these things and also took me shopping for a new single bed and mattress, a two-seater settee, a small computer desk and a coffee maker. On April 12, the movers came and by evening my room had been arranged.
My daughter-in-law and son continued to sell what could be sold and cleared out the rest. The condo apartment was then put for sale and was sold in June.
I am quite content and happy to live at Riverside Glen. There are a number of factors that lead to that contentment: the facilities, the services provided, the staffing and the programs offered. In addition to the residents’ rooms there is a large dining room, a casual café with a coffee bar, a meeting room, a chapel, a library, a casual lounge, two laundromats and a gym or fitness room. In addition to a contingent of personnel working in housekeeping and food service there is also a group of people working in medical and personal care. Residents can arrange to have these people look after their pills and medicines. They will also administer such things as eye drops and ointments. In addition, they will help residents with a bath or shower if necessary. There is a nurse on duty on a 24 hour basis.
Medical staff check each resident’s temperature daily, and monthly check their weight and blood pressure.
I am able to look after my own medications and can shower on my own, so I do not need assistance with those options.
In addition to my regular monthly charges, I also pay to have my personal laundry done and have opted for the use of an emergency call button. I wear the call button around the clock (I have had to use it a couple of times when I had a problem). While there are facilities to do your own laundry, I prefer to have my laundry collected one morning a week; it is then returned to me later in the day, washed and folded.
There are also additional personnel who provide other services. The chaplain leads bible studies and Sunday services. Recreation coordinators lead weekly games, arrange to bring in musical entertainment, and show films.
The program that I am most involved with is the exercise and fitness option. On most days, there is a fitness class led by a kinesiologist. When I came to Riverside Glen, I resolved that I would participate in every exercise class in order to maintain my strength and body tone. I still do that! In December, the kinesiologist declared me the athlete of the month and I was recognized in the home’s newsletter. In the spring the kinesiologist asked me if I would like to lead a fitness class. I thought she was kidding and did not react. But a month later she asked me again if I would like to lead two fitness classes a month. I consented and I was scheduled starting in April 2022. She provided me with an outline of what exercises to perform and I made my own notes to suit me. I have enjoyed leading the groups and will continue to do so.

Another decision that I made when I came to Riverside Glen was that I would get out among the people and get to know other residents. I am a social person and have no problem meeting people. I now know many other residents by name, but they are casual acquaintances only, not friends. A co-resident looks after putting together a monthly publication for which he solicits contributions by others on a topic of the month. He enlisted my computer expertise to get the publication ready for copying.

I know all the residents that are members of Water Street Church, I helped out with the arrangements for the service we had at RG on Good Friday. I watch the Sunday service on my TV and feel included in the congregation. Every week I read the newsletter for a member who can not read it for herself. My district elder brings me current issues of the Today and Banner as well as other church publications. A church friend comes for a weekly visit, and I also have a Zoom meeting/discussion with another member.

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