Pentecost – remembering the day “Christianity Spirituality” was born

pentecostPentecost was celebrated in most Christian churches last Sunday — remembering the day when “Christian Spirituality” was born.
Spirituality is very popular these days. On one hand there is Pentecostal spirituality, the world’s fastest growing Christian group, focusing on spiritual gifts. They celebrate embodied worship, healing, and joy. On the other, there are the “spiritual but not religious,” who are disillusioned with organized, institutional religion, and remind us that the journey is the destination, and that we need to experience a relationship, not legalistic religion.
What is true Christian Spirituality? It’s not a program, it’s not technique, it’s not a psychological self-improvement scheme, and it’s certainly not a behaviour code. It’s not health and wealth. First and foremost, “spirituality” for Christians is nothing less than walking in step with God’s Spirit. Spirituality is the whole pattern of your life in which you connect with God’s Spirit. It is neither legalism nor licence; its freedom in the Spirit.
How can you have spirituality without the Holy Spirit? That’s like a fireplace without fire. A sailboat without wind.
In the New Testament, the epistle to the Galatians says, “Keep in step with the Spirit.” (5:25) That’s like saying, connect with the Spirit in whatever you do. Pay attention to that Presence that is always as close as your breath.
The Bible says the Spirit is our guide, counsellor, comforter, advocate for the journey this side of the cross. True, Christian spirituality begins with our connection to this intimately close third person of the Holy Trinity. Pentecost is the day when the Holy Spirit came in a visible, powerful way, empowering people for true, spiritual living. He is the source of love and life.

— Submitted by Peter Schuurman, contributing editor at Christian Courier. Peter has been writing for the CC since 1997 in various capacities.

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