The Lessons of the Psalms

During the months of January and February we will be looking at some of the Psalms as part of our Sunday worship.

psalm 101

Watch a beautiful rendition of Psalm 101 using the King James Version of Scripture. It reveals King David’s determination to judge righteously.

Psalm 130 through the eyes of other believers:
1. A chapter by chapter and verse by verse study of Psalm 130 by Pastor Paul LeBoutillier of Calvary Chapel, Ontario, Oregon (youtube video)
2. Finding Gospel Hope in Prayer: A Reflection on Psalm 130 by Pastor Kevin Halloran

Psalm 13 is a prayer in three parts: despair, prayer and trust. David held on to his faith even in times of despair. Enjoy this written reflection on Psalm 13, aired by the Methodist Church in Manchester, UK. And listen to this musical rendition of Psalm 13 by Sovereign Grace Music.


This short video by the Bible Project explores the design, shape and main themes of the book of Psalms. You are invited in the Psalms to hear the biblical story retold in poetic form. And then listen to Psalm 95. performed by Northland Baptist Bible College.

psalm 24

We started our series on the Psalms with Psalm 24. Spoken Gospel provided a beautiful introduction to the book of Psalms in this video lesson.

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