drawing-April Gibson

The Miracle of Peter: God and Patience


  • illustration by daughter April

Last Sunday afternoon before watching the live streaming of the Production JESUS, I wrote down some thoughts which on occasion, turn into essays. Ironically, part of the essay was on the miracle of Peter casting his net to catch fish after being unsuccessful at a night of fishing. This miracle happens twice, once when he meets Jesus (Luke), and later after the resurrection (John). …. It appears that Peter is praying for fish, but Jesus knows he should be praying for patience. Peter wants the here and now. Jesus teaches the hereafter and eternal. Nonetheless, Jesus provides fish to prove He is the Messiah. Jesus is determined to educate Peter, but Peter refuses to be taught. So too, we learn by this that it is not the prayer of what we THINK we need, but rather, the patience in a God who KNOWS what we need.  As we wait and trust, our faith grows.

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