The Scattering

This Sunday our guest pastor taught about the scattering of God’s people after the stoning of Stephen. As he told the story, he described Samaria as an area that historically did not like or accept the Jewish people. It was also defined as a place of paganism set up for the Romans to worship as well. You know, I thought about this and it didn’t add up. How was it that they didn’t go from the frying pan into the fire? Then I thought about it. Didn’t Jesus Himself go there years before and meet the woman at the well? Wasn’t He invited back to their village to stay and teach? Did they not believe in Him? After He left, would not those people tell other people, and wouldn’t have Samaria, at least on a small scale, be changed? It seems to me that Jesus did plant those seeds, and though the area may have been a little rough around the edges, when the Christians fled, they found much needed shelter in the small bushes that had grown with the Lord’s blessing!

We can cherish The Parable of the Sower and remember a few things:

The Lord showed mercy, kindness, and forgiveness to His enemies, we should too.

The Lord loves His people, and provides well thought out escape plans (He also provides a room in His Father’s house, the BIG escape plan).

The smiles, the help, the support, the kindnesses, and the prayers you offer today are like the seeds you plant in peoples’ hearts. Be patient. It may take days. It may take years (like Samaria?). So pace yourself. In matters of scattering, the  Christian walk is not being timed like a race, but tested in sharing God’s grace.

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