Pre-authorized giving

Pre-authorized Giving (PAR) (monthly automatic chequing account withdrawal)

We prefer to receive offerings from our members/participants through PAR because:

  • This well-defined and practiced record-keeping system is linked to our existing church management database (Realm)
  • There are no user fees
  • Each withdrawal from your chequing account happens on the 20th of the month.

Register for PAR

Please contact our church office for the PAR form (pre-authorized remittance option). You can pick up a copy or ask to have it sent (email or regular mail) to you. Return the completed form as well as a VOID cheque to our church office, and we’ll forward it to our PAR Administrator. If you need more details about how PAR works contact Peter G. You can download the PAR form HERE.

  • You can send changes to your donation amount or donation purpose directly to Peter Griffioen.
  • If you have changed your personal information (address, etc.), just connect with the church office.