Text us your gift!

Text Message Giving from Your Credit Card

It is now possible for you to donate by text message on your mobile device! Send the keyword WATERSTREETGIFT (no spaces!) as a text message to the phone number 73256. Almost immediately afterwards, you will receive a text back. Click on the link in that message: it will open a secure giving form where you can give by credit card and specify how much you would like to give.

  • This will take you to the same form as the standard online giving button but in a version suitable for phone and tablet.
  • This form requires your credit card information. It can be set up for multiple gifts and saved for future use.
  • If your email address is in our secure church management database, your gift will automatically be added to your giving record. (If you have multiple email addresses, it is the one in our Church directory).
  • If your email address is not in our church management database, the form will create a record of your gift and will be held confidentially for charitable receipting of your donation.
  • User fees are deducted before our church receives the funds (approximately 3%). Charitable receipts are issued for the full amount.