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Weekly Services

Welcome to Advent Worship at Water Street Church in person at 10 a.m. or online each Sunday. This week we begin our advent sermon series named The King is Coming. On Sunday, December 3, Pastor Kasey VanderVeen will bring the message Real Leadership based on Isaiah 9:6-7.


Listen or watch Pastor Kasey’s messages anytime (mp3).

Tabernacle Project on Sunday mornings!

We are delighted to host the Tabernacle Project for our youth again.  It has been our tradition to rotate between the Tabernacle Project and the Passover Project, and offer these programs during church services in January-March.  Each hands-on curriculum takes students through a scripture-based examination of the tabernacle or Passover, making connections between these Old Testament traditions and the nature and ministry of Christ which they reveal. Students construct their own model of the tabernacle (God’s portable temple), adding more detail each week while learning about the significance of each item/element within. Youth grades 5 to 10 are welcome!  This is an opportunity to learn about Biblical history in a fun, hands-on way, while enjoying fellowship with others. Materials are provided at no cost to participants. 

midweek message

This week in our mid-week message, Phillip Schmidt walks us through the epistles to see what they say about living by the Spirit. Visit our YouTube Channel for guest contributors aired earlier this season and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Choose the weekly devotional playlist.

There is a community on-demand bus stop right in front of Water Street Church at “Water at Cedar Eastbound.” The city encourages you to take advantage of this service! Community on-demand bus service is available Monday to Saturday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. To book a ride: Download the On-demand your way app from either the App Store or Google Play

Visit OR Call an On-demand booking agent at 519-822-1811, prompt 5

Not sure how to book the service? Watch on YouTube

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