Weekly Services

Welcome to our May 26 Sunday service! Pastor Kasey VanderVeen will bring this week’s message “Jesus prays for himself”, based on John 17:1-5.

Our kids are currently working on the The Passover Project. It is an introduction to the tradition instituted in the Old Testament which celebrates the release of the Jewish people from slavery to the Egyptians. It explains the meaning of the various foods found at a Passover table; each participant will create take-home crafts including a candlestick, matzah bag , painted wine glass, and a painted Seder (Passover)plate. The students also will taste the various foods involved in the meal. Later lessons explore the traditions involved with the Passover meal, the entire group will create a large mosaic banner. The project typically will last 6-8 consecutive Sundays, but allows for schedule changes for church calendar or school events (ie March Break). The Passover Project will promote a better understanding of the traditions of the Old Testament. It also shows the coming of the future Messiah with many examples of how the ritual relates to Jesus.


Our students explored the Passover story this winter: Pictures here:

New Life Church and WSC celebrated worship together at Easter.

Tabernacle Project

We were delighted to host the Tabernacle Project for our youth again.  It has been our tradition to rotate between the Tabernacle Project and the Passover Project, and offer these programs during church services in January-March.  Each hands-on curriculum takes students through a scripture-based examination of the tabernacle or Passover, making connections between these Old Testament traditions and the nature and ministry of Christ which they reveal. Students construct their own model of the tabernacle (God’s portable temple), adding more detail each week while learning about the significance of each item/element within. Youth grades 5 to 10 are welcome!  This is an opportunity to learn about Biblical history in a fun, hands-on way, while enjoying fellowship with others. Materials are provided at no cost to participants.

There is a community on-demand bus stop right in front of Water Street Church at “Water at Cedar Eastbound.” Take advantage of this service! Available Monday to Saturday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. To book a ride: Download the app from either the App Store or Google Play

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