World Hunger Sunday

World Hunger Campaign

From the World Renew website:

On our shared planet, nearly 1 billion people do not have enough to eat, a number that saw a radical spike in 2020 due to the food insecurities and economic setbacks triggered by COVID-19. As the economic aftershocks of the pandemic continue to reverberate, we see the cause for ending poverty has been set back more than three decades. ~excerpt from the World Renew website

If you are reading this page, you very likely care about your neighbour, locally and far away. World Renew, well known for its good work globally, continues its mission to change the story of hunger. This year the World Renew World Hunger Campaign begins on October 23 until November 6. Feel free to choose any of the free resources if you wish to help raise awareness. Donations are a key component of how World Renew fulfills its vision to change the story of hunger. .

Click on this link to use any of the free downloads if you or your family want to focus on the World Hunger campaign.

If you are interested in knowing more about this organization, check out the link to World Renew on our resources page.

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