Lenten Series 2023

Worship with us as Pastor Kasey takes us through the Lenten 2023 experience “The Kingdom of God is Upstream.

  • Week 1: February 26: A River of Commitment God’s Covenant – Genesis 15
    The story is about God’s Covenant with Abraham and the fact that God, even though He knew Abraham would never live up to his part of the agreement, God would.
  • Week 2: March 5: “Stepping Stones” in the River – Phil 2 and John 12:25
    You may have a plan and a destination in mind, but God is more interested in the moments we share. If we are so focused on our goals that we miss seeing him alongside us we love.
  • Week 3: The “Current” of Kingdom Life – A New Creation – 2 Corinthians 5:11-17
    Focus on the constant ebb and flow of death and resurrection to new life.
  • Week 4: A Fish Out of WaterLove Your Enemies Luke 6:27-36
    Loving those who love us back is one thing, but loving those who may never pay us back is another, and then loving those who wish us harm is still another.
  • Week 5: Still Waters Run DeepAdd to Your Faith 2 Peter 1:5-11
    He is not asking us to do the impossible
  • Week 6: PALM SUNDAY A River of Peace and Healing
    Jesus comes into Jerusalem on a donkey. His kingdom is not what the people are thinking of. God’s kingdom living is about being Spirit-led, often depicted with water.
  • Good Friday April 7 Celebration of Communion, Readings and Song
  • Week 7: Streams of Living Water
    Kingdom living at its most powerful, not having to placate an angry God, not having to earn God’s favour, but living out of that favour.

So, why observe Lent today? Read a great article on “Yes and No: Lent and the Reformed Faith Today” by John Witvliet.

If you and your family have adopted Lent as a season of preparation for Easter, there are lots of ways to celebrate Jesus and resurrection, whether we’re kids or adults. The resources below are ways that Christians have chosen to observe Lent. Some links are new additions for 2023.

Pathway to Easter: A Simple “Lent in a Bag” for Families from Faith Faith Formation Ministries

From the CRCNA website. Resources as we journey to the cross.

For the children: Easter at Home with Kids Corner Resources

16 Simple Lent Activities for All Christian Kids by Tara Ziegmont

40 Lent Activities for Families. The activities are segmented into three groups: prayer, fasting and generosity

Lenten Activities for Children organized by grade level (some of the suggestions are based on resources from the free online Catholic Faith Formation Newsletter)

60 Lenten arts and crafts ideas by Lorainne Brummer. Mouse Tails, the giving back bucket, Resurrection eggs, and more!

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